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  1. Please help me!!

    License Questions
    My fiance has a charge from 7 years ago for battery on a leo and resisting arrest (both are felonies) but adjudication was withheld on both charges; is he still able to get a concealed weapons permit? I've heard diffrent answers but nobody I have asked really knows; I really just don't want to...
  2. How to Conceal Carry A Revolver

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Naturally, semi-auto pistols are most conducive to concealed carry given their flatter shape, but what about concealed carry revolvers? As it turns out, a lot of people still carry a wheelgun. Not only that, but there are also revolvers to fit any kind of concealed carry method, be it ankle or...
  3. North East Florida Sig Sauer P290 First Edition

    Selling my Sig Sauer P290. Only 2000 of the First Editions were made. This fire arm was lady owned, only fired a hand full of times. Wonderful condition! Comes with standard clip, 4 extended clips, case with manual, lock, and even Sig Sauer molded holster. I even have left over ammo I will throw...
  4. South Florida HK P2000SK LEM 9mm many extras

    Very nice HK with minimal use comes with 6 HK magazines, Night Sights, A very nice Raven Concealment type Kydex Holster and Mag Holder. This gun is in perfect condition and is so nice I bought the fullsize P2000. Contact 772-233-6111 Palm City Asking 825.00 or BO
  5. New Video - Tactical U Instructor Hits 10" Steel w/ Glock 26 Subcompact at 104 Yards

    Training and Tactics
    New Video - Tactical U Instructor Hits 10" Steel w/ Glock 26 Subcompact at 104 Yards Check out the video: Now if we could only figure out how to hold the video camera, we'll be in great shape. :dancingbanana Come improve your skills at our High Risk Concealed Carry Course next Saturday at...
  6. Concealed Carry in The Florida Summer Heat

    Carry Issues
    Tactical U's trainers are constantly evolving our training methods. In preparation for our High Risk Concealed Carry Course, we want to hear from you: What particular challenges do you face when concealed carrying in South Florida's steamy summer climate and how do you overcome them?
  7. Florida Concealed Weaopns Permit Training

    Training and Tactics
    Equip2Conceal conducts the training required for a Concealed Carry Permit (CWP). We also offer specialized courses you may take to improve your knowledge and skill with firearms. Our classes are very comprehensive: both in developing basic comfort with firearms and understanding the...
  8. Lakeland BIG BUCK EXPO Concealed Weapons Class

    Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group offers educational courses in firearms training taught by NRA Certified Instructors. Our courses will meet and exceed the Training requirements necessary to receive your Florida Concealed Carry License which is also valid in over 30 states. Our company and our...
  9. SOUTHERN TROPHY SPORTS presents THE BIG BUCK EXPO - Get your CWP - July 10th & 11th

    Concealed Carry Links
    SOUTHERN TROPHY SPORTS presents THE BIG BUCK EXPO - Get your CWP - July 10th & 11th The event will have over 250 Outdoor & Hunting Exhibitors! Plus The BIG BUCK LOTTO!!!:popcorn Check it out the class Schedule at www.equip2conceal.com The class is 3 hours in duration including range time...
  10. Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club having a concealed carry class this weekend

    Training and Tactics
    CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASS 9AM-1PM To be held every third Saturday of the month!!! at the Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM May 15, 2010 PRE-REGISTRATION IS AT 8:30AM CLASS STARTS PROMPTLY AT 9:00AM COST: $75.00 (IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN GUN AND AMMO)...
  11. Gun free/no carry areas in orlando?

    Firearms Chat
    Does anyone know if there is a map or list of the gun free/no carry places in orlando? I know the stautes and laws but i was wondering if anyone has had the bright idea to create a map?
  12. Galco Triton kydex IWB holster.

    Firearms Chat
    I just ordered one of these for my Glock 26, does anyone have one of these holsters? if so how did you like it?
  13. is it leagal to carry a knife if?

    Law & Order
    I know this isnt a firearm question but i am sure some of you know the answer so, do you need a CCW to carry a fixed blade knife concealed if the blade legnth is only 3 1/2 inches? the statutes are very vague in this area. i know a folding knife is legal with no CCW but i ws unsure if being a...
  14. concealed carry in a Theatre

    Carry Issues
    Can you carry in a theatre that puts on Musical Productions? Such as Tampa Bay Performing Arts center? Or a smaller venue? Thanks