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  1. Opinions on BEST CWL Instructor or Class in Jacksonville area

    License Questions
    My daughter will be 21 soon and she wants to get her CWL asap. So I told her I would check and see which class offers the best bang for the buck. If you're familiar with the Jacksonville area and know of a CWL class that not only teaches theory but also has hands-on training and you have first...
  2. Security Training for Central Florida

    Professional Services (Closed)
    Interested in a career in the security field. Come train with us and get certified. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff coming from several different backgrounds to ensure you leave our classes with everything you need to know. We are conveniently located in Kissimmee and doing classes...
  3. Mandatory Wait to take home a firearm for a sworn in and active LEO

    Law & Order
    http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/fl-concealed-weapon-forum-0831-20100831,0,3152565.story Above is a link to an article that the Sun Sentinel printed for me today. I wrote it and submitted it late one night last week. There are some great links on the FCC that I should have looked up...

    Training and Tactics
    :thumsup This class is The NRA FIRST Steps Pistol course which is 3 hours in duration including Range Time. The first 2 hours will be in the classroom and then 1 Hour at the range. Cost is $140.00 which includes your NRA Books and NRA Certificate. After you complete the NRA portion of the course...
  5. Concealed carry Classes

    Concealed Carry Links
    Concealed Weapons License classes held weekly all over Florida. Visit www.equip2conceal.com or call toll free 18663716111
  6. Level 1 Firearms Safety Course, Saturday June 5 in Tampa

    Training and Tactics
    The course will meet and exceed the State requirements for your concealed weapons license. The course is three hours in duration including range time. The first 2 hours are in the classroom and then 1 hour at the range. The cost is $75 which includes firearm, target, rental and ammo, plus your...
  7. As Seen On ABC, CBS, & FOX NEWS!!! ~ Concealed Carry Class

    Training and Tactics
    As Seen On ABC, CBS, & FOX NEWS!!! Equip2Conceal is the largest training school in the state of Florida. We offer a variety of classes that meet & exceed the states requirements for a concealed weapons permit. All of our instructors are NRA certified and many are prior or active police and/or...
  8. Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club

    Firearms Chat
    VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB Thank you for your interest in joining the VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB. It has been a long time coming for many of us who enjoy the shooting sports but dislike having to drive a great distance to shoot our guns. VCG&HC is a private gun and hunt club and...
  9. Sent by certified mail...

    License Questions
    I just sent my CWL packet yesterday, so I know I'm at the very beginning of the process. My question... my class instructor told me that I should send it by certified, return receipt mail, because they are so overwhelmed with applications right now. His explanation was that if they did not...