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  1. Central Florida FS: ***SOLD*** M&P 9c w/ Factory Installed Crimson Trace Laser

    ***SOLD***My wife bought a M&P 9c last year brand new from Shoot Straight Tampa but she is not following through with her concealed license so we are selling the gun. She took a lady's intro class and went to the range with me once so the gun has somewhere around 100ish rounds through it. This...
  2. Really Appreciate help in finding a Carry weapon that meets my different needs.

    Firearms Chat
    I've been to many Gun Shops, and it seems with all the carry pistols on the market this would be an easy answer. Basically, what I'm looking for is the smallest Carry Pistol with a manual safety and be chambered for something more powerful than .380. I checked out Shoot Straight on Southern...
  3. Trade (or sell) Smith & Wesson .40 Full Size no thumb safety want to trade for a .40c

    Trade (or sell) Smith & Wesson .40 Full Size no thumb safety want to trade for a .40c I have a .40 S&W M&P full size with a mag safety and no thumb safety. I would prefer to trade for the M&P .40 compact. I put about 800 rounds through it. Includes case, four extra mags and handgrips. Selling...
  4. M&P 40 Compact 9mm Storm Lake Conversion Barrel

    Carry Weapons
    Does anyone have one for the 40 compact or experience with one? I am considering getting the barrel for the range to save a few bucks on ammo and can get the barrel for $130 + shipping. I have read some reviews and they seem to be good, but I would like to know more. Thanks :chopper