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  1. Professional Services (Closed)
    Concealed weapon / firearm class... get your FL gun permit in Jacksonville, FL. Each Person $50 Three people or more $50 each at Your location!! Four people or more $45 each! Class is taught by a police FDLE firearms instructor / State of Florida class K licensed firearms instructor. Call...
  2. Training and Tactics
    Two Levy County Sheriffs Deputies are competing in the World Police games in 2013 In northern Ireland next year this class on oct 27 2012 in Bronson Florida will raise money for their weight lifting team. The class on oct 27 costs 60.00 dollars and is from 8a to 1pm and will include everything...
  3. Training and Tactics
    Last week I took StandBy's 'Advanced Concealed Carry' class at Delray Shooting Center (Palm Beach County); just wanted to post a quick review --> If anyone is new to CC (like me) and wants to get some great information, I definitely recommend this course. I've had my CWFL for a few months...
  4. Concealed Carry Links
    SOUTHERN TROPHY SPORTS presents THE BIG BUCK EXPO - Get your CWP - July 10th & 11th The event will have over 250 Outdoor & Hunting Exhibitors! Plus The BIG BUCK LOTTO!!!:popcorn Check it out the class Schedule at www.equip2conceal.com The class is 3 hours in duration including range time...
1-4 of 8 Results