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  1. Lost in mail? Twice?

    License Questions
    Hey y'all I have been reading thru all the posts on here, and many other places. I know it can be a long process in getting your permit, but I never thought it would take so long in the mail. Applied - May 5th Issued - June 5th Called and got 2nd one mailed June 25th Still nothing in the mail...
  2. New Member Introduction

    Introduce Yourself!
    Hello, my name is David. I am a licensed Florida firearm instructor. I am new to this forum, and I am just beginning to offer firearms training classes throughout the State of Florida. Visit my website at http://www.mdfti.com I look forward to serving the Florida CCW community.
  3. License renewal time 6 days!

    License Questions
    Got the notice in the mail to renew months ago and forgot about it until last week. Mine was up the 1st week of Feb. Didn't realize it until Jan 30. I did the online renewal and it was super easy. I took a pic of myself, used an online passport photo cropping tool, uploaded the pic, paid the...
  4. Unholstering Question Car

    Carry Issues
    Hello all, I just got my CCW permit, and I have researched the question and I can't find the answer anywhere. Let's say I wake up and holster my gun in my house. I go about my business during the day carrying concealed. Then I make a stop and I want to go into the location without my gun...
  5. Made an App for conceal carry users, need feedback!

    Carry Issues
    Howdy! I posted in the "introduce yourself" board earlier. People wanted to see the app, so here we are! our app can be found here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.carrysafeusa.carrysafe our current website is www.carrysafeusa.com Me and a few other college students have been making...
  6. Too much gun?

    Carry Weapons
    Folks, I've been looking at some 100 year anniversary videos on WWI and weapons thereof. I've been struck by the fact that since 1900 and the great John M. Brownings invention of the .32 ACP / 7.65mm massive numbers of .32s have been sold and used. Now I know the power hype has lead to a few...
  7. I just renewed my license at Jacksonville Regional Office

    Carry Issues
    Very quick, very efficient, very polite. The young lady doing it did catch me frowning, not my usual rogueish smile. Personal check for $50, photographed on sight, license made quickly and efficiently. A very well done to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services. :thumsup I...
  8. Gun Belts For Big People

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    The human race is fortunate to include a wide spectrum of body types of all shapes, sizes and colors, but equipping those bodies with the right apparel can be challenging, especially when it comes to gun belts for big guys. The size of waistlines may shift, and where pants rest depends on...
  9. Florida non-resident permit

    License Questions
    This is my first post to this particular site. While I currently live in NY, I assure you I am not one of "them" lol. For some time I have wanted to get my permit in Florida, but I've been confused as to what the training requirement is. Taking a live fire pistol class in NY is a no-no because...
  10. Ammo Shelf Life: How Long Are Bullets Good For?

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    One might wonder if there is such a thing as ammunition shelf life. It's a good concern to have, as ammunition should only be used if one can rely on it to be safe. Granted, one might opine that if a person keeping sufficient ammunition to worry about expiring is probably not doing enough...
  11. Should I Wear A Gun Belt While Hunting?

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Wearing a gun belt is necessary while carrying a concealed carry gun either when one does or every day if one carries every day. But what about while hunting? It's actually something a person should think about. If one is going to carry a backup pistol while afield, then a gun belt is...
  12. Choosing a Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    There are a number of reasons why a person would want a non-resident concealed carry permit, and in fact a good number of people do. Usually, the reason is to gain a greater amount of reciprocity, so a person can carry in more states should they travel beyond their home state's borders. Some...
  13. Can I Get a Concealed Carry Permit Online?

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Given modern conveniences, some may wonder if getting a concealed carry permit online is a possible. It actually is...sort of. It depends on what state you're getting a license in or from, if you're obtaining a non-resident permit. It also depends on what one means by "online." You can...
  14. How to Conceal Carry A Revolver

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Naturally, semi-auto pistols are most conducive to concealed carry given their flatter shape, but what about concealed carry revolvers? As it turns out, a lot of people still carry a wheelgun. Not only that, but there are also revolvers to fit any kind of concealed carry method, be it ankle or...
  15. Opinions on BEST CWL Instructor or Class in Jacksonville area

    License Questions
    My daughter will be 21 soon and she wants to get her CWL asap. So I told her I would check and see which class offers the best bang for the buck. If you're familiar with the Jacksonville area and know of a CWL class that not only teaches theory but also has hands-on training and you have first...
  16. Mom wants a gun

    Carry Weapons
    Hello all, I recently moved out of my parents house and they are officially empty nesters. My parents own a large 2 story home and my father travels frequently (10-23 days a month). When i live at home I kept a H&K USP .40 in a safe in my room. With my mom now being alone at night she has become...
  17. Can a Florida resident obtain an Illinois CCW license?

    License Questions
    It's an odd question, and I have found mixed results. I'm originally from Illinois, and would like to carry there while visiting. I emailed my mom about this, she owns a shop that sells gun accessories and teaches the classes, and have not heard back from her. I called one place in Illinois that...
  18. ****Permit Suspension??****

    License Questions
    long story short, i was accused of being involved with a "violent" crime, with no evidence against me. After being arrested, then jumping all the legal hurdles, my case was eventually dismissed. i called the department of agriculture and was informed that my ccw had been suspended pending a...
  19. can i carry these?

    Carry Weapons
    I finally got my CCW but i still have some questions. Does my CCW only apply to guns or are other weapons included under my ccw? Am I allowed to carry: 1. large knives (more than 3" blade)? 2. More thank 2oz. of pepper sray? 3. Tasers (what kind)? 4. expandable baton? 5. sling shots? 6. OC gun?
  20. Concealed Gun Permit Class (Can be taught at Your location)

    Professional Services (Closed)
    Concealed weapon / firearm class... get your FL gun permit in Jacksonville, FL. Each Person $50 Three people or more $50 each at Your location!! Four people or more $45 each! Class is taught by a police FDLE firearms instructor / State of Florida class K licensed firearms instructor Call for...