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  1. Firearms Chat
    Just curious about how many handguns you carry in your vehicle. I usually have two with me every day driving.
  2. Carry Issues
    Who has gone to this IMAX in Ft. Lauderdale? http://www.mods.org/home.htm We went there when Star Trek came out. At the entrance of the IMAX was what looked like a metal detector. There were so many people in front and behind me that I really didn’t want to take a chance at it going off and...
  3. Firearms Chat
    Does anyone know if there is a map or list of the gun free/no carry places in orlando? I know the stautes and laws but i was wondering if anyone has had the bright idea to create a map?
  4. Law & Order
    I know this isnt a firearm question but i am sure some of you know the answer so, do you need a CCW to carry a fixed blade knife concealed if the blade legnth is only 3 1/2 inches? the statutes are very vague in this area. i know a folding knife is legal with no CCW but i ws unsure if being a...
  5. Law & Order
    I have done my research to save my butt if needed: I myself have had many questions and had to undergo hours of research to get the answers I needed. When Can I use my gun? 1.To Protect your self or another from great bodily harm or death 2.To prevent a forcible felony: Robbery, Kidnapping...
  6. Carry Issues
    Can you carry in a theatre that puts on Musical Productions? Such as Tampa Bay Performing Arts center? Or a smaller venue? Thanks