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  1. License Questions
    Hey I submitted my application back in May. I got a letter from FDAA 8/11 saying that the application was incomplete when I sent them everything. They said I didn’t have proper proof of firearms training which I did so I re printed the certificate and mailed it to them. Now they’re saying on 9/9...
  2. Carry Issues
    Hello everyone, I am new here and did my application at Dept. of Ag on 02/13/17 and received my license on 02/17/17. I then bought my first carry weapon on 02/25/17. I have a question I am hoping to get some help on. I have done some research on my own with several Florida Statues, but hope...
  3. Carry Issues
    I have always been curious about what people carry concealed. Now that more and more people are carrying, just what type of jobs do they hold? I think we have to agree that most people who carry must have jobs since it does cost money to own and shoot guns. Give a shout and let us know what...
1-3 of 3 Results