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  1. Gun in car, with CCW license

    Carry Issues
    I know that even without a CCW license, I can have my weapon in my car, as long as it's "encased" or otherwise "not readily accessible." My question: With a CCW license, must my weapon be actually concealed on my body, or can it be concealed, for example, readily accessible under my seat, or...
  2. Unholstering Question Car

    Carry Issues
    Hello all, I just got my CCW permit, and I have researched the question and I can't find the answer anywhere. Let's say I wake up and holster my gun in my house. I go about my business during the day carrying concealed. Then I make a stop and I want to go into the location without my gun...
  3. Why You May Want To Consider A Car Gun

    Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Before legal concealed carrying became much more widespread, most people who were armed for self-defense outside the home had a car gun, usually a pistol tucked in the dash or under the seat in case things went sideways. A lot of people still do. Granted, things have come a long way since the...
  4. Am I Legal when holstering in my car?

    Carry Issues
    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and new to concealed carry in Florida, it is great to be part of this community. I have a Florida CWL and I carry IWB in one of those no clip holsters. I know I am legal in the morning when I transfer my gun from my hip to my car's center console as this...
  5. ccw while traveling in the car

    Law & Order
    Hi guys, im new to the form and just got my concealed permit and was wondering if your allowed to conceal carry while traveling in your car. My class instructor informed us that it had to be in a sealed container (glove box or center console) but ive read many instances of people having their...