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  1. Blackhawk Diversion Sling Pack

    Carry Holsters
    Well, it's not the most manly way to off-body carry but so far it works pretty well. My XD9, knife, flashlight, cell phone, extra magazine, keys, and most anything else I want to toss in there fits with room to spare. Best price I could find was at LA Police Gear The internal "holster" is...
  2. My personal experience with IWB vs OWB

    Carry Holsters
    Whomever said "You are just going to end up with a drawer full of holsters", was right. I now have two. A generic Tagua "piece of leather with a clip" IWB holster, and a Blackhawk Serpa CQC OWB holster. My Tagua IWB "does the job", however, on occasion I have to fiddle with it to avoid...