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  1. Handguns
    WTS Beretta Pico .380ACP INOX, JMP8D25 All original 6 round stanless magazines, case, lock and box. Original owner. less than 100 rounds. Added Traction Grip. Asking $250. Local, with BoS, Tampa Bay area Sold.
  2. Introduce Yourself!
    Hi all. Posting here from beautiful Downtown Miami. This is a great resource. Via lurking here I completed the CWP process and received it about a week ago. I'd say total turnaround time was two months all in. Just got back fro Shoot Straight Ft Lauderdale now. In another thread a member...
  3. Carry Weapons
    I know this is a 'love it or hate it' gun. I bought one yesterday, and am looking for some info. As far as I can tell there were at least 3 generations of this gun, the early ones had a 'not so great' trigger. The one I bought was mfg in 2006 (from the Beretta site)... the trigger feels ok to...
  4. Ammunition & Reloading
    Right now the only carry weapon I have is a Beretta 950BS. It takes 25 ACP ammo. My other gun is a SW9VE which is too large as a conceal weapon. While I am hoping to soon buy another gun. Right now the Beretta will have to do. I read in a post some time ago on this forum someone say that the 25...
1-4 of 4 Results