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  1. Class III & NFA Discussion
    Anyone familiar with ATF form 5320.20 - Application to Transport Interstate? I live just across the state line from Georgia and would like to be able to take my SBR across the state line to the Waycross Gun Range. My understanding is that I am required to get prior approval from the ATF using...
  2. Class III & NFA Discussion
    Atf form 1s and form 4s can now be done online. http://www.atfonline.gov You can even submit your supporting documentation online as attachments.
  3. In The News (Good & Bad)
    I love reading about these new developments. Here's a Chuck Baldwin article on Ohio's attempt to add itself to the list of states supporting the "Firearms Freedom Act." It's good to know that Florida's bill is still alive. We need to keep it that way. I've truncated the article for the...