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  1. Introduce Yourself!
    I'm a minimalist, so I have 3 guns, but I wish I had more. My Glock 45 (duty weapon), my wife's M&P Bodyguard and my (first CCW handgun) Taurus G2C. I know, it's a pathetic collection for someone in Law Enforcement (Just graduated the Academy in October). Being a minimalist has helped me save...
  2. Training and Tactics
    TACTICAL U TACTICAL HANDGUN WORKSHOP ____________________________________ Put your skills to the test! This course is offered exclusively to the AR-15 /AK-47/ assault rifle enthusiast, seeking to enhance their skills. You will receive hands-on and practical training from current and retired...
  3. Firearms Chat
    I am wanting to get my first AR, im looking at the sites and have found some that interest me. The LWRC PSD looks really nice but the barrel is not 16". but its a pistol? so it doesn't matter. what is the difference between the PSD and a regular AR? and in Florida is the barrel length an issue...
1-3 of 8 Results