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  1. Hi Guys. Hope all is Well. I'm Gonna Cut to the Chase!!!

    Introduce Yourself!
    I'm a minimalist, so I have 3 guns, but I wish I had more. My Glock 45 (duty weapon), my wife's M&P Bodyguard and my (first CCW handgun) Taurus G2C. I know, it's a pathetic collection for someone in Law Enforcement (Just graduated the Academy in October). Being a minimalist has helped me save...
  2. WTS S&W AR-15 with extras

    SOLD SOLD SOLD. It's 12/21/12 and the end of the world has not yet come, but why not be extra-prepared in case the Mayans were off by a few days? Selling my Smith & Wesson M&P15 with extra goodies. Bought it brand new back in March 2012 and took it out shooting once, putting around 80 rounds...

    Looking to buy a new or used buffer, tube, and spring for an AR15 A2 stock. All you AR guys/gals that have changed their A2 stocks out to the adjustable stocks, you don't need that old A2 stock and parts.....sell it to me, LOL. Let me know who has what, please. Thanks, Caleb :rifle
  4. WTB - AR15 Stripped or Complete Lower

    Looking to start my AR build, so i'm looking for either a stripped or complete lower for 5.56/.223. Brand does not matter too much as long as it is Mil Spec and not junk. Prefer metal vs Polymer as well. As well, I will consider other parts you may have (take off parts, ok) laying around that...
  5. Broward County - Advanced Urban Assault Rifle Workshop - 6/25-26 - Tactical U

    Training and Tactics
    TACTICAL U TACTICAL HANDGUN WORKSHOP ____________________________________ Put your skills to the test! This course is offered exclusively to the AR-15 /AK-47/ assault rifle enthusiast, seeking to enhance their skills. You will receive hands-on and practical training from current and retired...
  6. ***BNIB AR-15 Accesories and Crossbreed holster FS Thread***

    Everything is Sold
  7. WTS/WTT DPMS 7.5" Kitty Kat upper with adjustable JP Front Sight Base

    I have a 7.5" DPMS Kitty Kat upper I don't use anymore, I bought it used, and have shot a few hundred rounds through it. It's got a JP Adjustable Gas Front Sight Base on it, so you can set the gas exactly where you want it. It's got some wear around the edges, as it's not new. Forward takedown...
  8. AR barrel legnth and rifle vs pistol?

    Firearms Chat
    I am wanting to get my first AR, im looking at the sites and have found some that interest me. The LWRC PSD looks really nice but the barrel is not 16". but its a pistol? so it doesn't matter. what is the difference between the PSD and a regular AR? and in Florida is the barrel length an issue...