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  1. I've been waiting for 15 Months for my application to be approved.

    License Questions
    I'll try and make this quick. We moved to Florida from the Northeast last may. In August of 2018 I applied for the CWP. Previously I had some trouble when I was younger and now have a completely sealed record. The issue I am facing is that the record of my convictions were destroyed as part of...
  2. My visit to the Ft. Walton Regional Office of the Division of Licensing on 01/20

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    I visited the Ft. Walton Regional Office today and was most impressed by the manner in which things were handled. My appointment was scheduled for 1:30. I arrived a few minutes after 1:00 and fully expected to wait for at least a half hour. Instead, I walked out of the door at 1:31 with the...