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  1. Central Florida Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package – Scorpion Edition

    Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package – Scorpion Edition Well here it is, the deal you’ve been waiting for, the Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package. This is the coveted Scorpion Edition, which comes replete with the following: • SIG Sauer P220 Scorpion .45 • Three (3) Magazines +1...
  2. What is this SIG "Package" Worth?

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I'm thinking about selling my SIG P220R Elite Scorpion again. I say again because I had one, sold it to a forum member, found another one in Colorado (they're discontinued), and picked it up. It's pretty much been in my safe ever since. Literally only 65 rounds through it. I know...
  3. South Florida WTS Colt 1911A Series 80 Complete Upper New - Unfired

    New, never fired, blued carbon steel, Colt 1911A1 Series 80 Complete Upper for sale. In pristine condition. Additional photos available for serious inquiries. Asking $595.00 Cash. GENUINE COLT PARTS!
  4. North East Florida Springfield Mod 2. 45 ACP

    For sale is a BRAND NEW Springfield XD MOD 2 in 45 ACP. It has a 3.3 inch barrel and it has never been fired. Let me know if you have any questions. No trades. Comes Springfield hard case and with one 9-round mag and one 13-round mag. Does not come with ammo in picture. Asking: $450
  5. Central Florida SOLD SOLD Springfield XDS 45 (extra mags/holsters/and more) *** TAMPA ***

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Springfield XDS 45 *** Used*** (~100-150 rds through it) XDS 45 (RECALL COMPLETED - Documents included) XDS93345B 3.3" Single Stack .45ACP Black Type 1 & Type 2 Back straps...
  6. Central Florida WTS/WTT - Orlando - EAA SAR K2 45 - Like New

    For Sale or Trade is my all steel Sar K2 45. It comes with 3- 14 round magazines, box and manual. This firearm is in perfect condition. I have only put 50 rounds through it (Yes, 50 rounds.). I have played with the .45 acp and need to go back to my .40, 9mm and .357's so lets see what happens...
  7. South Florida WTT XDS 45 Post Recall

    I have a Springfield XDS 45 that already has been through the recall. Never shot it before the recall and just shot it yesterday. I put two boxes of ammo through it and just don't like the ergonomics of it. It comes with all the stuff that comes in the box and one extra extended mag. I also...
  8. Central Florida FS NIB Glock 21SF OD

  9. Central Florida WTT/WTS Springfield XDS 45 (Black)

    I have a Springfield XDS 45 for sale or trade. I have the 2 standard magazines, box, paper work, holster and mag pouch that came with the gun. I also purchased a 7 round extended magazine and a Tan Horsehide Max Tuck hybrid holster from White Hat holsters. Looking for a small 357 revolver...