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  1. Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    Here's what I have available: -6 boxes of WWB .40 S&W FMJ (100 count) for $33 each. -4 boxes of Federal .40 S&W FMJ (50 count) for $20 each. -1 box of Federal Aluminum .40 S&W FMJ (50 count) for $20. I'm in the Palm Beach County area. Reply here or email me at jecco9<at>yahoo.com Thanks.
  2. Handguns
    SOLD - please disregard I'm selling a S&W M&P Shield .40 with 2 factory mags and original box and papers. It has less than 500 rounds through it with no failures. Asking $400. Willing to trade for a Ruger SR9c in similar condition. Since this is also my only .40, I'm looking to sell the...
  3. Handguns
    I have a Glock 22 .40 I would like to trade or sell. About 500 rounds thru it. I am looking for a more compact gun for Carrying Concealed easier. Would like to stay with a .40 or a 9mm I will post Pics and more info as soon as I can. Just throwing out some feelers. I'm in Jacksonville, but...
1-3 of 5 Results