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  1. Central Florida Kel-Tec P3AT – Hot Pink

    Kel-Tec P3AT — Hot Pink Regularly carried and in great shape! Shows the usual signs of wear. This is the thinnest and lightest semi-auto .380 in production today, in a nice, bright pink! Great intro into the world of carrying. Comes with one (1) magazine, 50 rounds of ammo, and two (2)...
  2. Panther Pit Porn w/Pink! [+video]

    General Discussion
    Here's some of the latest holsters from Panther Concealment. They are for the Ruger LCP II. I call the one my "standard 7," which is all the kydex holsters I would use for the gun. Those are in gray carbon fiber (IWB) and black carbon fiber (OWB). The other I call the "triple play,"...
  3. North East Florida Ruger LCP Raspberry

    Up for sale is a Ruger LCP Raspberry .380 ACP. I bought it brand new from a local gun shop and with the exception of going to the range once (about 20 rounds through it), has been sitting in a drawer. It is a pink/purple color, so its only for the "manliest" of men or perfect for a daughter or...
  4. Range Report on Sig Sauer P238

    Firearms Chat
    The Sig Sauer P238 that followed me home has turned out to be quite the little firearm. At first I was unsure of the high price tag for a .380 but the quality did appear to be first rate. The Sig cost me twice if not almost three times the amount of my Ruger LCP but the quality is also two to...
  5. Hornady Lock n Load good to go

    Ammunition & Reloading
    Spent a couple of ninterupted hours tonight getting my new lock n load setup and my dies adjusted for 380 auto. My wife's sig 238 has a voracious apetite and $30 boxes is just not cutting it. Took me about 20 dummy cartridges to get my rcbs sizing and seating dies dialed in. Chose to use a...