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  1. Last chance 1911

    Carry Weapons
    I have had mixed results with 1911s in the past, but I'm giving them one more chance with my latest acquisition...a Springfield Armory Loaded model with a parkerized finish and tritium sights. Not content to leave well enough alone, I've also added a Smith & Alexander magwell, Mil-Tac grips and...
  2. Central Florida S&W SW1911 E Series

    Sold, please delete. I bought this gun in mid december of last year. It is in great condition and has only had about 250 rounds fired through it. The slide to frame fit is very tight and the gun feels great in your hands. The gun is very accurate and I was able to shoot some pretty nice...
  3. WTS STI Spartan 1911-SOLD

    SOLD, STI Spartan 45 acp: $590.00. FTF in the Panama City area. If you didn’t get the gift you wanted for Christmas, here it is! Many believe the Spartan to be the best full-size 1911 available for the money invested. The Spartan has fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights, front & rear...
  4. 4" 1911 Ejection Question

    Firearms Chat
    Looking into a Springfield Champion Operator 4'' 1911 and had a question. I was told by multiple people (the owner of a gun shop, 2 buddies who don't know each other, as well as some guys on the internet), that 4" 1911's have a hard time ejecting rounds when done by hand. What I mean by that...
  5. How do you carry your 1911?

    Carry Issues
    First of all, I'm not sure if this thread should be here so mods, If it belongs somewhere else, please move... There might already be a thread or two about this but I did a quick search and didn't find too much. Can you 1911 guys post pictures and info about how you carry your 1911's? I would...
  6. RIA 1911 9mm Standard or Tactical Questions.

    Firearms Chat
    I have been thinking about getting a 1911 chambered in 9mm and so far the RIA 1911 9mm Tactical (I shoot lefty) is the one that has caught my eye. They seem to be getting great reviews and the price tag isn't to bad either. Does anyone have any experience with the RIA 9mm chambering? How...
  7. IWB Magazine pouch (for single stack 1911 mags) recommendations?

    Carry Holsters
    Preferably IWB, for a single 1911 mag of the .45 ACP type. I remember a discussion on some starting mid thread elsewhere around here, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance! :thumsup
  8. .22 LR1911 Conversion Kits; Suggestions?

    Firearms Chat
    1911 .22 Conversion Kits; Suggestions? Hey all. I'm looking into buying a .22 conversion kit for a 1911, so I can get more trigger time (when comparing the cost and availability of .22 to .45) and make it easier/more enjoyable for my non-gun friends to learn pistol safety, functioning, and...
  9. Best holsters for IWB appendix carry?

    Carry Holsters
    Best holsters for Appendix IWB carry? I'm looking into purchasing a new IWB holster that I can position up front for appendix carry. What I have now serves its purpose well enough, but at the price I got it for, it's left me wondering if there's something better I could move up to. My...
  10. New Taurus PT1911 SS

    Carry Weapons
    So I finally got around to picking up one of my own. Been hearing good (enough) things about Taurus' 1911, and after handling one for a bit I thought I'd pull the trigger on it. One of the complaints I heard the most about this firearm is about its fit and finish, in that it doesn't match the...