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Forum Rules & Site Suggestions

Forum Rules and Etiquette for all members
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The Help Forum

Thread go missing? Site related question? This is the place to ask!
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Concealed Carry Discussion for anything related to Concealed Carry

Carry Issues

General Concealed Carry Discussion
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Carry Weapons

Discussion about Concealed Carry Weapons
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Carry Holsters

Discussion of Concealed Carry Holsters
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Edged Weapons

Knives, swords, etc.
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License Questions

Questions about obtaining a carry permit
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Concealed Carry Links

Concealed Carry links including links for Concealed Weapon or Firearm License, Florida CWL Application, and Florida Law.
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The Range Firearms Discussion

Legislative Initiatives

This section is only for 2A related legislative initiatives. Non-2A related threads will be moderated.
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Firearms Chat

General firearms discussion
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Defensive Scenarios

Hypothetical self-defense scenarios
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Training and Tactics

Firearms Training & Tactics
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Law & Order

Discuss local, state, & federal firearms laws
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Ammunition & Reloading

Ammo & Reloading Discussion
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Rifles, Lights & Scopes

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IDPA and Competition Shooting

Discussion about IDPA & other competitive shooting
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Class III & NFA Discussion

General discussion of Class III weapons & accessories subject to the rules of the National Firearms Act
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The Water Cooler General Discussion

In The News (Good & Bad)

Discussion of CC/2A/Firearm related issues in the news. All other news items to be discussed in the Boiler Room.
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General Discussion

Discussion of any subject CC/2A/Firearm related not covered in the other forums. Non CC/2A/Firearm topics should be discussed in the Boiler Room
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Just for the Ladies

Discussions addressing ladies unique needs, methods of carry etc...
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FCC Riders

For all motorcycle riders of Florida Concealed Carry .com
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Sponsor offers and introductions for their products. Starting a new thread in this forum is for sponsors only.
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Vendor Deals

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Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters - Hayden, ID
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Camera Land

Camera Land - 866-9optics
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Silencer Shop

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The Trading Post A place to list classifieds, job postings, want to buy ads, etc!
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