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Thread: .22 shot shells thru a suppressor?

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    To answer your first question. I was asking myself the same question a few years ago and decided to show my stupidity on AR15.com. The answers I got convinced me to NOT shoot shot shells through my Outback II.

    I second the recommendation of a low powered .22. I have some stuff, IIRC by Aquila, that does not have any powder. It is a primer only load. Very quiet. Much quieter that a standard velocity round through my Outback II. You need a revolver because it obviously will not cycle an auto-loader. They recommend a barrel no longer than 16 inches so you don't end up with the load stuck in the barrel. But, if you have a revolver with a 4-6 inch barrel they are great.

    Most snakes I have taken out with shot shells were taken with CCI 38spl shot shells. Usually left the head of the snake hanging on a few strands of muscle if it didn't take the head off completely. 38spl shot shells are very loud however.

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