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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaBear View Post
    FfNJGTFO, excellent post. I can remember waaaaaaay back right after high school my best friend and I decided we needed to register to vote. We went down and concluded we needed to be a democrat or republican. She didn't have a clue and neither did I - begging for forgiveness from my high school history teachers that we were so ignorant at the time. Anyway, I told her that I thought my parents were democrats so we registered. Whoa. Not only has none of my family ever been registered democrats they have always voted conservative - back when you actually could. I'm probably the only one in the family who has ever been registered a democrat although I am certainly the most ultra conservative one of the bunch. Don't think they didn't get a good laugh at me at the time. I've long since changed after one election. Just goes to show you never really know until you sit and have a conversation with someone.

    Every summer when I go back to Alabama a few of us have gone out in mom's back yard to shoot. My now grown and married nephew has joined us and looks forward every year for our shootfest. After many years of this his mom (my sister) decided she wanted to try it. I never said a word to her or asked her to join us. She just watched long enough that she wanted to see what it was all about. She is still not on board but she talks about it. Nice start.
    When I bought my townhouse up in the PRNJ some 25 years ago (which I sold in July, 2015 to move here), I registered as Republican, because I lived in a place where there was absolutely not a single viable democratic candidate in a primary election (the only place where it mattered). It made no sense not to register otherwise than "Republican." So I registered Republican such that I could influence the primary election and knowing I could go either way in the general election.

    Now, here in FL, I register Republican because I want to.

    And yeah, I can't wait to get my niece and nephew down here to go to the range.
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    Great story, one I'm going to internalize. Plant the seed and let it be. There's scriptural basis for that as well. I think it should work far better than getting into heated debate which only seems to further entrench positions.
    "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
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