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Thread: Installing a suppressor mount, a can and checking for concentricity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blanca Busa View Post
    The Geissele 5.56 rod is .2157

    I got this one from Amazon which is the closest to that I could find.

    It's .21875 and was too big.
    That magical .2175 diameter seems to be difficult to find.
    Now I did find a 5.5 mm one that comes out to be like .2179 or something but I think it would still be too big.
    So yeah I'll probably start looking for a machine shop around town to see if they can and how much it would be.
    For $9.95 shipped free Amazon rocks.
    May want to slug your barrel.

    You can pick up a few soft lead sinkers and drive them through your barrel with a wood dowel.

    The diameter between the deep grooves of the slug will give you your bore diameter.
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    I've got another 2 months left before the stamps come back for the 5.56 can coming.
    Moving around the two .30 caliber mounts was needed because I have one coming back any day now.
    But that's a neat idea. I've heard the term before but never really gave it much thought as I had no need.

    I'll have 3 5.56 guns when done. Might be neat to slug all three and see what we see.
    How accurate is that method?
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