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Thread: Atty who did my NFA trust has been suspended. Is my trust still valid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TitleIIToyLover View Post
    Just a thought. You may want to contact Eric Friday in Jacksonville. He is Florida Carry's attorney of record. Maybe you could get the membership that includes a trust and have him do a "re-statement" of the trust. In other words, rewrite the trust, but keep the same name.

    Again, just a thought.
    I'll look into that. I know it's gonna cost me. A membership along with reformulation may cost same and would be fine with me.
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    I'm sort of in the same boat. Started a Trust with The FC membership/Trust combo deal they used to advertise a few years ago when I was still stuck in the DPRofMD but never really used it for much. Now, me thinks a Trust is an even more attractive idea than ever, even if there are no NFA items in the Trust, for now!

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