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    Wink Jax Timeline for me

    I called to get an appointment at the Jax Ag office On August 29. I got an appointment two weeks later on September 12th.

    As all have stated, the appointment took all of 10 minutes or so...electronic fingerprints, fill out application on their computer, and have a picture taken. I had to laugh at the camera...it was taped to two reams of paper on top of a wire rack that looked like the stands they serve pizza on.

    Anyway...Got my permit in the mail today (September 24) so all together it took a month.

    Incidentally, a guy wandered in while I was there asking if he could apply without an appointment. At first they said no, but then they said if he wanted to wait until I was done, they could take him, since they had a cancellation. I guess if you live nearby, you could stop in, but the whole process was pretty quick for me.

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    My wife and I mailed ours on August 6. She received hers today, mine is still being processed.

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    Three years ago it took me one week from CCW class to license in my mailbox!

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    Me too. I did the class in Jax but the wait for an appt. was over a month ! So I drove to Tallahassee (the next day) and got my license in the mail in 5 days
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    Quick update: still in processing. It will be eight weeks in two days.


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