West Palm Beach Gun Show This Weekend
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Thread: West Palm Beach Gun Show This Weekend

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    West Palm Beach Gun Show This Weekend

    I talked to someone who runs a gun store tonight and told him I would be going to the Miami show this weekend.
    He said that the WPB show was a lot better and larger.

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    Been to both and generally both are close. I feel the West Palm show has more non-gun booths than Miami, which my wife loves. Better knife vendors at Miami.

    I’m planning to go to the Miami show this morning with a buddy. We'll see if having two shows close reduces the quality vendors.

    I’m disappointed that the Pembroke Pines show won’t happen anymore because that was close to my house.
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    I went to the WPB show today, as I’m 5 minutes away. There were lots of people walking the aisle which is usual for the February show, as there’s no January show due to the fair. But many vendors were in Miami because they can sell more guns in Miami vs WPB. And yes, plenty of non gun vendors in WPB. But the Cuban gals in Miami know how to dress right. At the WPB show the gals look they just came from loading bales of hay on the truck. GARY.

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    We took in the Miami show today, it was better than usual, Lots of A R carbines and ammo was priced decent by the case.
    If you arrive early its not crowded at all. Overall a good show.


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