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Thread: Handgun disarms- A Reality check

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    , BH

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHunter View Post
    My apologies for being late in commenting on this thread, but here's an observation solely focused on the so called "conclusions" reported in the OP video. Those "conclusions" seem to be focused on the relative chances of evading the shot between the state of the gun being single vs. double action. This may have been interesting to them from an academic viewpoint, but in a practical sense it doesn't inform the defender one bit in attempting to evade the shot and disarm the attacker. Does the state of the gun [single vs. double action] change the steps brownie outlined in post #7? Not one bit!

    That fact also further illustrates gandrfab's point that the video is not much more than a commercial for clothing. Maybe their clothing would be less expensive if they reduced their overhead by eliminating costs for conducting bs tests with bs "conclusions."
    I think you are 100% right about the false single action/double action dichotomy. What is someone going to do, look at the gun and think they’ve got plenty of time, no need to hurry because the gun is a double action firearm? Anyone trying for a disarm is going to move as fast as they can, factoring in their own limitations as to eye hand coordination, strength, balance, speed and all the other factors which enter into a decision to make the attempt. Whether the gun is single or double action is not going to enter into it even if one knows the answer, which one probably does not.
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