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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark1007 View Post
    Nice day yesterday. I took a couple hundred rounds of 94 grain frangible Federal ammo and walked out to the range I built.

    General impression was this thing is a really soft shooter. It was flawless as far as function. Double taps were very easy and the accuracy was what you would expect from STI.

    Trigger pull seems appropriate for a carry gun. Until I find my trigger gauge I will call it 4 to 4.5. The mag release is a little different feeling than I’m used to, but with 20 on tap, not a tactical issue. The trigger was not on par with my Wilson Combat or Ed Brown but close.

    With 20 round mag loaded, the gun belt has to do its job for sure. Incidentally, my Panther holster for a 5 inch 1911 seems to work perfectly. I found a Galco IWB in the dead holster drawer that works too.

    I’ve shot a 1911 more and more accurately than anything. I had the general feeling that I was a little slower than I would like doing some holster work. I guess a shot timer and a lot of practice will tell the tale.

    Overall, it’s a real quality and reasonably priced for the quality pistol that I recommend. Brian Enos Forum has a lengthy discussion on the pistol, very informative. Apparently a large amount of LEO agencies and Spec Op operators use them.

    I’m not carrying mine yet, I really want to but just not fast enough yet, maybe grip thickness issue. I remember Little Gator commented how fast I was with my 1911/ safety manipulation, etc. during a class with Brownie in Okeechobee class. Then I had to take a pain pill and told EBL I quit for the second day, homie don’t shoot impaired.

    With more practice I think it would work with the 17 round mag for carry very nicely. Just not yet for me. I’m 66 now with more surgeries than toes and fingers from gunshots, knife wounds , two major cancers and multiple spinal fusions. I’m very picky about safety. I’m early in the learning curve with this new one, but frankly, from 5 yards I grabbed the little Shield P.C. .45 I also carried to my range (never shoot yourself out of ammo) and shot failure to stop drills with Corbon 185 DPX rounds and other than uncomfortable recoil, the result, accuracy wise was not much different at that distance.

    I love the STI for sure.

    Dave Cupp, one of the gunsmiths at STI is a great guy and helped with my .45 2011 I sent back. That fit in my purchase calculation. Will update later.

    sir. Nice write up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark1007 View Post
    [snip] . . . I remember Little Gator commented how fast I was with my 1911/ safety manipulation, etc. during a class with Brownie in Okeechobee class. . . .

    I recall that. I was standing back watching the line, your draw-snick-and-shoot was fast and flawless. Very impressive.
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    I think when you get older, the snick might be the second thing to go.

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    So many things go, I’m confused about the order of departure!

    Nice to read about a nice guy’s enthusiasm about his new “toy”. Carry it in good health and wishes for it to serve you well.
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    Thanks dude! Tried to launch the 52 Hatteras at Cape Canaveral. Port motor losing fuel pressure, stumbles, shuts off. Starboard no cooling water. After paying $$ to get it ready to splash.

    At least I had new toy, I have gotten old, but the excitement still keeps me awake sometimes.

    Aging is mandatory, growing up is not. Hope you are well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie View Post
    sir. Nice write up
    Agreed.... well written Sir. Sounds like a great pistol (had no doubt, it being an STI and all).

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