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Thread: GarlicFest & (No) Guns: Remind me again...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlinluvr View Post
    Didn't think they could prevent you from entering with a CCW if it was "public" property, even if it was being used for a private event?
    IIRC, when I asked Florida Carry, they said there's several municipities leasing out public property for private events with the vendor banning weapons. The Sunfest event in West Palm Beach is one of many examples, which I believe was why I asked FC about it. FC said that since the statute is open to interpretation and there is no case law, Florida Carry would have to sue to get this resolved, but it's one of many priorities they haven't yet been able to pursue with the limited resources they have available. I'll ask rvrctyranger again next time I see him (he's not been on FCC for over two years).

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    I was turned away at the gate at last years St. Pete seafood festival, for my cc. I went to the first cop I saw outside the area ( hot lookin blonde & she was a SGT.! ) & asked her what was going on. She said the event organizer had to get a permit, $$, to hold the event & they can then set the rules for the event. I said that’s bs, as it’s in a city park & she actually said she agreed, but they dont make the laws, just enforce em. So, off I went for a 3 block walk to my truck to lock up the Glock.


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