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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick McC. View Post
    ^^^^ All 1911’s are suitable for carry pistols; even the full sized ones.

    They’re slimmer than any double stack poly pistol, and the weight is a non-issue with a proper belt and holster.

    I carry 1911’s all the time using just a tee shirt for a cover garment.

    The prevalence of ads in the gun magazines for little self proclaimed “carry guns” in no way means they’re the best choice for carry, just as the endless “pretty picture” ads proclaiming that kimber 1911’s are the best, most reliable available; when nothing could be further from the truth.

    As others have noted after seeing the shot that put down the murderer killing innocent people at their church; if your chosen carry gun isn’t capable of making such a shot; you need to make a better choice. If you’re not capable of making such a shot; you probably need to seek additional training. And; target practice isn’t training.
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