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Thread: Revolver grenades in hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHunter View Post
    This! I was thinking perhaps it was a result of a squib on the previous trigger squeeze.

    Also, either I'm having a serious deja Vu moment or I've seen this video discussed here before, but a search came up empty.
    I couldn’t find myself. Either way, I thought it interesting.

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    Damn sure NOT the load I’d want going boom. Actually, I think it says a lot for the design for saftey, if it was a squib lodged in the barrel. Somethin’s gotta go somewhere & NONE of it appeared to go towards the operator, I’m impressed at the lack of him gettin shellacked!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick McC. View Post
    Are you thinking about the auto-pistol blowup that Brownie posted about a few years ago?

    post 35 for pics of the gun after it self destructed
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