December 7th 1941... 78th anniversary today!
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Thread: December 7th 1941... 78th anniversary today!

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    December 7th 1941... 78th anniversary today!

    The navy base at Pearl Harbor came under attack and many ships and lives were lost. Was the act that had America join the World War against evil. Below is a little history lesson (for me anyway) from a friend a mine that is active in the American Legion.

    My flag flies 24/7 and is at half staff today. At the Legion I have a flag that I picked up at Pearl Harbor
    in February 2007 when I was there and it was the last one that was flown on the USS Arizona on December 7th, on the 65th anniversary of the attack. Comes with a certificate dedicated to the post and the worksheet denoting the date and time that the flag was flown. I keep it in a display case on the wall in the bar and every December 7th I take it out of the case and place it at half staff on the flagpole in front of the post, weather permitting of course. I won't fly it in rain or snow. Can't be replaced so for just one day a year it should last forever. I have a sidewalk sign that I put out with the flag and on it is the message,


    The interesting thing about the flagpole at the memorial itself is that the pole is actually mounted to the stub of the ship
    mast so it is actually on the ship, not the memorial. Part of the ship main mast has a bell on it and it is on display at
    the reception center. The only parts of the ship that are above water are the stub of the main mast which I mentioned
    holds the flagpole and the turret foundation for gun turret # 3. Everything else is under water, even at low tide.
    Also, when I was there in '07, which was my 2nd visit, the oil drops were still coming to the surface.

    I was impressed when I saw that alot of Japanese people visit the memorial. They are more respectful of the memorial
    being a cemetery than alot of the dumbass Americans that visit the site. Many of the Japanese bring flowers and toss
    them into the water.

    Today the bow of the Arizona faces the bow of the USS Missouri. Most people don't think of this but these two ships together
    represent the beginning and end of WWII.

    The memorial was constructed in 1962 I think and there were fundraisers to construct the memorial. The very first was
    a concert by Elvis Presley in 1961. He raised over $62,000 which in those days was a good sum of money. Everyone who
    attended the concert had to buy a ticket, even the big shot military officers, and Elvis himself bought a ticket.

    Both of my visits were very memorable and I would go again if the opportunity arose.

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    Very nice write-up! ⚓

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    That is a great way to show respect for the fallen. I truly hope they teach the true history in the schools.
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