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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHunter View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tkay View Post
    I know this is wrong! I signed up to be a member in this forum a week before I moved to Newjersy I've been shipping firearms for a long time now and this is the first time I'm being accused of such a thing ..I mean not my fault I'm not in Florida anymore...Moved to New jesry for a purpose "Work" and you come accusing me of such I'm so confused right now ....I know I can be banned for this not belong in Florida but belonging to FCC forum ..but at the same time @legit do not accuse people of being a scam you don't know who is who ..Who knows you are can be a Scam we just all need to be careful" Not coming to give false accusation ..thank you
    Not sure what's going on and one can be a member of FCC without being a Florida resident, but just to be clear, if you are not a Florida resident, you must go through an FFL to purchase a handgun from a seller in Florida, and depending upon your state of residence (New Jersey), even long guns must go through an FFL. All transfers are subject to New Jersey law, as well.

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    I’ve paid for many online purchases from individuals with a M.O.

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    Every time you buy something on the internet you take a risk, I have no dog in this hunt but until someone does not get a gun they bought it's innocent until proven guilty. I have sold the same gun twice on gunbroker, I have one bad check and one guy that changed his mind go's with the risk of the internet.
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    I'm also a member of northeast shooters and did live in Mass most of my life. There was a guy looking for a Ruger .22 pistol for some sort of training he was attending and needed the gun fast. In Mass, any transfer between private parties takes a state form to fill out showing the serial, description and both parties are licensed. He hemmed and hawed and it finally fell apart. I always had the feeling he was a cop and just fishing the board for some illegal activities. Never saw his posting name again, but saw the same type fishing for guns ad with different names. It would always say "looking for certain type gun." It just got fishy and smelled bad.

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    Online, person to person transactions are always a risk. IMHO the trick is for neither party to take anything personally and accept that others may have had different experiences or expectations and therefore have different levels of confidence.

    Lastly, everyone needs to have the confidence to just walk away before anything gets too far south. There will be another seller/buyer out there.

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    And then there's just the standard delay stuff. It took me almost a month to purchase a gun from a forum member here. He lives south, I live central/north. Shipping raised the cost too much (ammo is heavy) and it was weeks before I could make the trip. But in the end, we worked it out! (It was not anyone mentioned in this thread--just giving additional info as it relates to a past experience.) YMMV.

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