Bad guy shoot video
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Thread: Bad guy shoot video

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    Bad guy shoot video

    He didn't just fall down.

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    The officer waited waaaay too long to engage, and obviously has never practiced a Mozambique drill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadeyedick View Post
    The officer waited waaaay too long to engage, and obviously has never practiced a Mozambique drill.
    When the shooting stopped I was yelling at the screen "why did you stop shooting?!?!?! keep shooting!!!!". Even after several hits he's still standing and still holding the gun. Thankfully he must not have been very determined to actually hurt anybody. Even once he fell it looked like he still had the gun in his hand. If they fall down and still have the gun in their hand I'd keep shooting them until they either tossed the gun, or until shots landing no longer registered a physiological response.
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    something about until they change shape or catch fire...
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    Stopping shooting while he's still standing with the gun, not a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bladenbullet View Post
    something about until they change shape or catch fire...
    That's what I was taught, keep shooting until they change shape or catch fire!

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    The leo is under a huge adrenaline rush and is hesitant to shoot [ blame societal values/previous leo's being thrown under the bus by admins in an OIS ]. Loss of BP caused him to fall down.
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    Very lucky that the bad guy didn't shoot the woman or shoot back at the police. Yikes! He certainly had every opportunity to shoot the woman... but didn't for some reason.

    Suicide by cop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHunter View Post
    That's what I was taught, keep shooting until they change shape or catch fire!
    ^^^ Amen!!!
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    When the shooting started, the LEO was somewhere in the vicinity of the rear passenger door of the car; when the camera panned back out after 11 shots fired, we see him behind the front grille shooting over the hood of the car. So somewhere in that 11-shot volley he had to back up and seek cover, PLUS keep an eye on that other idiot who was jumping around and yelling something, presumably to the man who was shot. These factors make me wonder just how effective all those rounds were. I think I can see three, maybe four instances where the bullet impacts made a visible indication or the man's physical reaction show he was hit. Twelfth shot seemed to have been the money shot. Would be interesting to know how many shots hit and where.

    There are two final shots but I'm not sure where they came from. They sound different than the initial 12.
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