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Thread: Local gunsmith to install rifle barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer88 View Post
    Just planning for the near future. While the barrel is still sub-MOA at 100, 200, and even 300 yards... I think I'm going to see deterioration at 600+ yards. The ES and SD numbers on the chrono are getting bigger with the same ammo. So, the effects resulting from the more inconsistent velocities will become evident at longer distances.

    And, according to what I've read, I'm PAST the normal barrel life for 6.5CM. They say 2500 - 3000. I'm at 3100.

    Some day soon (I hope), I'm going back to the Port Malabar 600 yard range (with my daughter!). I want the gun to be performing well when we do.

    Plus, I plan on getting my OWN "Little Bastard" so I can "return the favor" to you, when we're positioned next to each other at the range!
    If you are seeing those increases on the chrono then, it must be really close to being done.

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