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Thread: Palm Beach Police Chief calling for change in current "open carry" statute

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    And...if you go back to many of my prior posts on the open carry protests, you will see that I and others in here agreed it will become more of a liability to just go out and abuse the present law that allows us to open carry in certain circumstances. And yes, I said it or not! We had and lost open carry and if you think it will ever come back you are smoking some good stuff!! This open carry exemption was put in place to provide safety in potentially dangerous areas.....not to be used promote bringing back open carry all the time agenda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LabGuy View Post
    In other news, Labguy is asking for a change in the Palm Beach police chief.
    Granted, and feel free to use my name!

    That has about as much chance of working as mandatory “buybacks” and “turn ins” for guns and mags will.

    A bounty on lib-tards would be much more effective!

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