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Thread: So, is WalMart on your list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayb514 View Post
    No one here is demanding that they be silent. No one is saying they should not be allowed to do what they are in fact doing. What we are doing is exercising our own right to voice our opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. Speech is free in America, but not free of consequences.
    consequences?...there are probably more people in the current state of society who will appreciate blindly what walmart is doing than gun and ammo buyers who will change their habits...
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    No... Most of us don't actually believe Walmart will change their mind because of losing our business. Though Gillette did. We are simply declaring our own principles and moral compass.

    But my decision was more pragmatic.... I actually bought ammo at Walmart. Whenever I go there to pick up other stuff, I always grab a bit of ammo. That was my incentive to go there. No incentive = go to target, which is closer.
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    I haven't watched the NFL since they took a knee. Haven't watched pro baseball since the last strike. Walmart will get the same treatment. They can choose whatever garbage business model they want, but when they started calling for gun control, they became Dicks to me
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    According to this guy Walmart has teamed up with Bloomberg’s Every Town for Gun Safety. He states he’s found a reference in Walmart’s policy document:

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