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Thread: Ok, men, listen up and pay attention . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverpigusmc View Post

    oh yeah, good job
    Your best post evah Pig!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHunter View Post
    Greta story and advice, MamaBear! Mrs. BeerHunter's mindset sounds similar the your sister's previous position. It's not for her but she's migrated over the 42 years we've been together from "I don't like guns or want to be around them or have them in our house (that got overriden when we got married and domiciled together)" to now "I still dont want to carry one myself but appreciate why you have them and cary them and appreciate knowing how you are prepared to protect our family!" Of course, I can't be there all the time so there are times she and the family are still vulnerable, but it's a work in progress!

    Great to see you posting! We all miss MamaBear!!!
    This is pretty much my wife as well BeerHunter. Yes, she will come to the range with me, under mild protest, a few times a year but its not really for her. She enjoys shooting the .22 when we are there, and she is okay with her .380 (prefers the .22). I bring it up on occasion, usually with examples such as the 5 women who were murdered in a bank with shots to the head for each of them. I talk with her about the likelihood of who will be a victim between us, and usually, sadly it is a woman. She gets it, but its just not for her, she did agree finally to a spring assisted knife to keep in her car that can also be used for punching out a window and seat belts. One day hopefully she will take the dive. I try not to stress it too much, just keep it in her sphere.

    She likes that I carry and fully supports it, never says a bad word about it. She knows I am responsible and make good decisions. I think she also likes that she knows I have to be on my best behavior, be humble when I carry. When I got my CCW I told her that there would be changes in my behavior (not that I am bad or mouthy), because of the responsibility and all that goes along with carrying.

    MamaBear, great to see you posting again, well said.
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    Great story, MB! I have always felt that we convince more folks by what we DO more so than by what we say, and I think your story is a classic example. Great work!
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    Excellent, thank you for sharing.

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    Great story, MB. Hopefully, your sister and BIL work on getting the permit right away. Keep fanning the flame...
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