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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fish View Post
    I know,I'm being a pussie about this but I really like my current room mate (Mrs Fish) rather than one named BUBBA!
    Then err on the side of caution and don't buy it, problem solved right? Or buy it and don't shoulder it, right? Those are your two choices right?

    I find it hard to understand how people make things more complicated than they have to be on matters like this. It's always amazing how this place will go pages on open carry in this situation or that situation or this or that venue, when the simple answer really is, DON'T open carry.

    Or try to parse statutes to death as to what's legal in some way and not another, down to whether it's a comma or semi colon that separates sentences and what the true meaning of life is, what the true meaning of is, is.

    Or those who try to find ways to circumvent the law this way or that way, conspiring how they can stick it to the state on their own wording and MAYBE do what they want to do even as the courts may not look kindly upon it. Or push some statute to the breaking point "just to make a point", Jesus H Christ almighty. It gets worse than some barrister forums as what one's client could or couldn't do.

    Or can I carry here or carry there at some venue. When it's really simple, err on the side of caution and DON'T carry. There are way too many people who are guncentric on this forum.

    Go buy a motorcycle and go for a ride, or go play golf, or find something to do in life other than worry about whether you can carry your gat here, there, or somewhere else and if you can get away with it based on a comma or semi colon's use.
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    Back when I had my PLR-16 (don't really own Kel-Tec), it was classified as a pistol version of an AR. With the added optics and a 'brace, it was still a pistol. It made a nice trunk monkey for a while, until one day I was reminded, it's still a Kel-Tec.
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