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Thread: Private sale to 18 year old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie948 View Post
    Oh! they made me throw BOMBS too. ( Hand Grenades) At least I did not get hooked on throwing bombs.
    Who are you kidding? If we could get grenades, we'd all be hooked on throwing them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by racer88 View Post
    Who are you kidding? If we could get grenades, we'd all be hooked on throwing them!
    And move from hand throw to launchers. I prefer launchers. It's less "sporty" and more "academic". You can practice geometry, angles and chiz.
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    How do you not commit a straw purchase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7.62Kolectr View Post
    Or you could show up, chop your index finger off in front of them and give that to them in a gruesome protest.
    This guy has a problem


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