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Thread: M&P 2.0 chafe, IWB holster option

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    Surgical tape

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    I am a fat piggy and am trying to drop poundage without going to the butchers too!
    The Alien Gear 2nd and 3rd gen combat or not won't work for me. The crossbreed Is what I use currently iwb. I sweat intensely due to the medications I'm on to keep me alive. I usually have a cotton thin tee on or Under Armor tee to protect my side. As far as drawing, my hands are basically skin over nerves over tendons and bones. The drugs make my skin fragile and I hemorrhage under the skin, like old man skin. Working on the draw and presentation of the weapon has after many hours of work given me a sort of callous and a bone spur to work with. I toned down the stippling and made a couple edges smooth. Use a "tuff skin" band aid on the rub spot till It become a callous. Other than that, you can do what the idiots told me...man up.
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    Just a report. I bought the N82. I find it very, very comfortable in the 3:30 position, seated or standing. The holster requires a small (10 degree?) clockwise turn to remove the gun from the holster (right-handed) but this is something others said can be trained and doesn't seem to modify a "normal" drawstroke. I tend to agree, but in two mornings of dry fire practice, about 50 drawstrokes each, I'm developing the same chafe on the top left side of my thumb where it dives in between the top of the grip and the holster pad to ensure a decent hold on the gun. So I seem to be faced with modifying my thumb (with a callous) to keep the N82 or modifying my clothing (undershirt) with a Panther. It's comfortable enough that I'll work on the thumb for a bit before shelling out for the Panther and trying undershirts again.
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    If I keep the gun and I haven't made my mind up yet.
    The N82 Pro Tandem with the full sweat guard look as though it should work for me.
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