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    CDNN Magazine Sale

    SIG Sauer P226 15rd 9mm $19.89
    Glock 19 15rd 9mm 4th Gen $18.99
    Glock 17 17rd 9mm 4th Gen $18.99
    Glock 20SF 15rd 10mm 4th Gen $18.99
    Glock 33rd 9mm 4th Gen $29.88
    Glock a bunch of others:

    Walther Creed PPX M1 16rd 9mm $19.99

    Who has sufficient magazines for his purposes.
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    Beware of sig magazine they say are oem. I bought 3 or 4 and when they came there was NO markings on the magazine or packaging at all. When I called they didn’t have a good answer just said there was a lifetime warranty. On what? Who are you gonna call if the mag fails? And if CDNN doesn’t carry them anymore?
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