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  1. Links
  2. Concealed Carry Reciprocity
  3. SC has allegedly extended recognition to Fl. CCW.
  4. Compilation of Links and Information for Everything Conceal Carry
  5. What is the definition of "concealed"
  6. stolen gun database
  7. Anyone know the law regarding carry in hospitals?
  8. 951.22
  9. florida knife law
  10. Nebraska if finallly ONBOARD
  11. How Long Does It Take To Get Non-Resident CCW
  12. Confused about reciprocity
  13. carry in park
  14. CC in FL conservation area
  15. A new record (I think)
  16. Carry in libraries
  17. Lee County Trumps State?
  18. Professional Athletics Events
  19. Help needed to protect Fl Gun-Owners Money from Fund Raids
  20. Pro-Gun Lawyers
  21. URGENT ** ROUND 2 ** HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust Fund Money
  22. Differences between FL and TN carry laws
  23. Differences between FL and TN carry laws
  24. Need some fast help..can I check to see
  25. URGENT! ** ROUND 3 ** HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust Fund Money
  26. couldnt find the phone # for the WPB Dept of Ag
  27. HELP-- URGENT *** ROUND 4 *** Protect gun owners money from raids
  28. CNN Poll on SCOTUS McDonald vs Chicago Bill
  29. URGENT ALERT: ACT NOW -- Bill (SB-530) to STOP Gun Registration Up Thursday
  30. REPORT -- ROUND 5: Senate Passes Trust Fund BiIl 31-9
  31. URGENT ROUND 7 Bill to STOP Gun Registration Up Tuesday, March 9
  32. Active military outside FL
  33. ** URGENT ROUND 8 ** Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration Bill Scheduled March 16
  34. **ALERT ROUND 9 ** HR-315, More Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration
  35. REPORT -- ROUND 10: The House Passed the CW Trust Fund BiIl 115-0
  36. Private Party Sales Paperwork
  37. Shipping Firearms Intrastate (Within Florida)
  38. Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club having a concealed carry class on Saturday May 29,2010
  39. Concealed carry Classes
  40. CWP timeline - interesting observation green card holder
  41. it arrived today
  42. NRA Certified Instructor Workshop
  43. SOUTHERN TROPHY SPORTS presents THE BIG BUCK EXPO - Get your CWP - July 10th & 11th
  44. Becom an NRA Instructor - Tallahassee August 14 & 15
  45. Becoming a resident of Florida - Have CCW permit from North Carolina
  46. Self Defense Lawyers
  47. Out of State, moving to another state (not Florida) question!
  48. Concealed carry in a restaurant
  49. CWP Renewal Kudos to The Dept. of Agriculture
  50. 13 Days to Tallahassee and Back
  51. Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership available at B&N?
  52. How many rounds
  53. Current Time by Div of Licensing
  54. Gettin somewhere?
  55. First Appt today morning
  56. Finally!!! I am legal!!!
  57. Two weeks and no idea???
  58. It finally arrived.
  59. Hollyhill Florida (Daytona area)
  60. CCW Class
  61. Had my Wally Walk!
  62. Online CCW classes
  63. Proposed HB 155 protects firearms owner privacy
  64. My visit to the Ft. Walton Regional Office of the Division of Licensing on 01/20
  65. CCW Question
  66. Appointment here in Jacksonville
  67. Which DoA Office?
  68. replacement lic.
  69. Results of SB402 and HB45
  70. Purchasing a handgun in Florida
  71. Have NC permit - Moving to Jacksonville
  72. Mine Arrived Rather Quickly
  73. FY Appt Dates
  74. Fingerprint rejections
  75. Sb 1304
  76. Appointment friday, but am I wasting my time?
  77. How do i check my permit progress?
  78. Had to Cancel My Appointment
  79. tally office
  80. Question about open carry on private property
  81. Money order = faster process time?
  82. Are there less rejections with Electronic Fingerprints at regional centers
  83. Previously fingerprinted
  84. Went to Jax DOA for appt yesterday
  85. Accuracy of the 6-8 weeks message?
  86. Lake County School opt out
  87. Concealed Carry LICENSE vs. PERMIT .....IS there a Difference ?
  88. 9 Days Jax To In Hand
  89. Pack-N-Go Concealed Carry Trip Planner
  90. Cwl
  91. Need Instructer for Concealed carry class June 26th
  92. Jax 5/20
  93. Question concerning the ccw application question#4???
  94. Dont trust the mailed out message
  95. What's the holdup on SB234?
  96. I went digging in my bookcase this morning
  97. Questions Regarding Fingerprinting For Florida CCWL
  98. Concealed carry when on school property
  99. Orlando Office?
  100. Digital Fingerprints in Gainesville
  101. Still haven't received finger print card!!! What steps should I do next???
  102. Non-resident permit
  103. under 21
  104. How long does lic last
  105. understanding the laws (790.33)
  106. Using the CWP mail in method.... not too bad vs appointment!
  107. carry question????
  108. CCL Jacksonville Office 08/05/11 application day
  109. Crazy Fast (possible new world record!)
  110. Private sales at Gun Shows
  111. Does CCW license permit the carry of "pepper" spray on college campuses?
  112. Need help finding a ccw course in west palm
  113. Carry during 'State of Emergency'
  114. Got it in the mail today
  115. Changing resident to non-resident?
  116. Owning a firearm in the same household as a felon
  117. finally in the proccess
  118. Application Process Stopped
  119. can i carry in THIS post office????
  120. New to florida
  121. Cwfl cheap!!!
  122. New regulation as of Oct 1st......3 day wait only FL State Law
  123. Renewal Application Rejected?
  124. MIami Office quick turn around
  125. Got it!!!!!
  126. Just got my CCW in the mail
  127. Can I "open carry" an ASP baton, closed up, in my hand?
  128. Response to "True2MyReligion"
  129. License permit will be here in 2 to 3 weeks
  130. The Orlando Office
  131. Wikipedia and Florida
  132. What to bring...
  133. CWFL came in the mail
  134. Orlando turn-around time
  135. Military applying for FL CCL with some questions
  136. Jacksonville turn around time.
  137. Tampa CWFL turn around!
  138. Renewals Printed On The Spot At Regional Offices
  139. Turn around time for ccw permit in bradenton
  140. Sent to Dept. of Agri from Jax
  141. Which is faster to get liscense?
  142. Just saw that they deposited my check from my mail in application
  143. Where's the thread with all the regional links???
  144. Well i did some reaserch and was worried because i take narcotics for my disablility
  145. Punta Gorda Office Rocks!!!
  146. Fingerprints in Mandarin
  147. Tampa Wait Time
  148. CWL class 790 coverage
  149. Recommend attorney for NFA gun trust?
  150. Where is the Office in the Panhandle and how long is the wait for appointment
  151. Photo
  152. About 6 weeks turn around on mail in app!
  153. Talking repeal of Castle Doctrine law
  154. Have my Appt in West Palm Licensing office April 25.. Just want to clarify..
  155. Help me to understand this
  156. CWP in the mailbox today
  157. Tampa says 2-3 weeks...
  158. Raffling off a gun
  159. guns in parking lots
  160. CCWFL appointment today - have a huge question
  161. Panhandle Office info
  162. Mailed app off yesterday
  163. Teaching the ccw class
  164. Got my CCL 3 days ago.. got it in 2.5 weeks.
  165. Feels like Christmas morning got my permit today
  166. Renewal question
  167. DMV and CWFL
  168. A Thread About Florida From Illinois
  169. Transfer CC lincense from California to Florida?
  170. first run in with LEO while carrying concealed
  171. CCW in Florida movie theater ?
  172. CCW Class at East Orange Shooting Sports (Orlando)
  173. Florida Wait Times
  174. New to Florida
  175. Handgun Purchase in Fl
  176. Lost my wallet
  177. Jax Timeline for me
  178. Florida CWL
  179. Return to Fl residency
  180. Is The Shieild A Pistol That Can Be Comfortably Pocket Carried
  181. Tampa office
  182. wait times have gotten attrocious
  183. Jax Office
  184. The Gun Permit Process in Massachusetts
  185. Moving from LA to FL - Want CCW ASAP
  186. Gun Show parking lot
  187. Looking for a training room and a little advice....
  188. CCW course for AZ and Va?
  189. gun in car at OCSO?
  190. Utah Concealed Carry
  191. Cc at gun show question
  192. CCW - 50 State Carry App
  193. Carry in gun stores
  194. Carry at the Dept. of Agriculture...
  195. SB 344 - Stand your ground immunity
  196. swiss army knife
  197. 'Constitutional Carry Passes in New Hampshire' - Thought they already had this.
  198. S&W Rebate is official
  199. Open carry in car