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: In The News (Good & Bad)

  1. Here is a reason to also carry at home
  2. "Prepared" Jewelry Store
  3. Jewelry salesman blasts would-be thief (Good)
  4. Use Of Deadly Force During Break-In Attempt Justified, Prosecutor Says
  5. PBSO: 7-year-old accidentally shoots mother (Bad)
  6. Cop Shot, Suspect dead
  7. Altamonte Springs home invader died from stab wounds
  8. Another business owner defends himself
  9. Idiot tries to kill deputy
  10. Bloody stabbing victim chases his attackers
  11. Fort Lauderdale police will get assault rifles
  12. CCW Coral Gables mom scares away stalker
  13. Plea deal for Homestead man charged with plotting massacre
  14. Victim's picture perhaps not the best choice
  15. Scotus
  16. Good Home owner video (must see)
  17. Shotgun preteen vs. illegal alien home invaders
  18. Police fire 23 rounds at fleeing van... nobody hurt?
  19. Mom turns in son for carjackings
  20. Cell phone 911 calls are often routed to the wrong call centers
  21. 70-year-old Bradenton woman follows would-be robber
  22. God was busted in tampa today
  23. Breaking News! Supreme Court Decision
  24. Gun versus Taser
  25. Good: Jax
  26. PMRPC in the News
  27. Gun ruling shines spotlight on real problems
  28. Fender bender ends in Oakland Park shooting death
  29. Homeowner Shot Would-Be Robbers: Hialeah Fl
  30. Security Guard Plans To Challenge Disney By Bringing Gun To Work
  31. D.C. Officials Weigh Keeping Semiautomatic Pistols Illegal After Blanket Handgun Ban
  32. Letter to editor: Guns have no business in vehicles
  33. Suspended Disney Employee Raises Money At Gun Show
  34. Woman Ambushed, Attacked Near Area Where Jogger's Body Found
  35. Ugly and Outrageous
  36. Boys Terrorized In 'Wrong Home' Invasion
  37. Fatal Door-Knock Shooting Was Apparent Random Attack, Police Say
  38. ALERT: Florida's Attorney General Taking Complaints of
  39. Do you trust your spouse around your guns
  40. Bad/Stupid: Man Accidentally Shoots Self in Downtown Disney
  41. Council closes gap in saggy pants law
  42. (Scary) Fake cops stop motorist in West Palm Beach
  43. Dirtbag with extensive criminal history kills rookie cop.
  44. A bystander stepped in (one dead)
  45. ST. PETERSBURG resident shoots burglar with own gun
  46. Florida gun law crosses the line
  47. (Good) Woman stops home invasion
  48. Home owner takes action
  49. Action Needed: Concealed Weapons License May Become Useless
  50. BAD: Community College Shooting in AZ
  51. Four arrested in 3 home burglaries in the Acreage, Loxahatchee
  52. 2 teens arrested in Fort Lauderdale store heist, shooting
  53. Two smiling killers
  54. Freaky
  55. Two dead after Seffner shootout
  56. Charlie Daniels on Obama
  57. Robber in critical condition after being shot by Jacksonville handyman
  58. Good: Clearwater Homeowner Shoots Intruder
  59. Protection has more people packing heat
  60. NRA Spy
  61. Murder of federal agent has terrible twist
  62. Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama's life
  63. Times employee robbed outside building
  64. Gibsonton man shot to death in robbery
  65. Home invader killed in Escambia County
  66. 11-Year-Old Robs Walgreens
  67. UGLY: Bonita Springs Homicide and Rape
  68. Update Disney Security Guard
  69. Police Fatally Shoot Man Outside Homeless Shelter
  70. Store owner arrested for shooting at shoplifters
  71. Central Floridians trade guns for gas cards
  72. Texas School District Allows Teachers to Carry (Merged)
  73. Governor declares state of emergency
  74. Hollywood neighborhood gets proactive
  75. Police tell owners: 'We're inspecting your guns'
  76. Homeowner shoots Intruder, Port Orange
  77. Suspect shot in theft attempt
  78. UGLY: Defending his wife cost Joe Wido his life
  79. Us Magazine Hit Hard by Canceling Subscribers After Palin Attack
  80. Victim kills kidnapper with own gun
  81. What A Commercial!!!!!!!!!
  82. Home invader fatally shot in Vero Beach
  83. Gun licenses soar in Fla.
  84. Store owner shoots robber
  85. No gun involved.....BUT......
  86. 'Disposable' AK-47s
  87. Soccer Mom gets CCL back after revocation
  88. Tampa Teacher, Obama Supporter, uses a firearm in self-defense
  89. Coral Springs man runs down another man, drags him 2 1/2 miles
  90. 8 year old shoots himself in the head with Uzi
  91. Fox News Gun Article
  92. 8 year old boy shoots father and friend
  93. Boy, 3, who shot himself was left alone in room
  94. 15-Year-Old Shot To Death At Fla. School
  95. "Armed in America" on TV 23Nov 10PM
  96. Pistol-packing soccer mom
  97. Honor Among Thieves...
  98. 2 dead in gunfight at Toys R Us
  99. Mumbai
  100. Shots fired inside local Wal-Mart
  101. They should have invited SwampRat
  102. Absent-minded thief
  103. Ouch!!!!
  104. Three Indicted in 8 year old uzi death
  105. Here we go again, Self Defense is bad.
  106. Two brothers shot by bad guys in separate store robberies this week.
  107. Lynn Haven, FL - Home invasion - Intruder shot
  108. 64 year old Whomps home invader
  109. Robbery Suspects Pick The Wrong House
  110. Obama Says We Have Nothing To Fear
  111. Oviedo - New crime area???
  112. Man arrested for defending his house with fox urine
  113. (Bad) Off duty firefighter shot, Trying to enter wrong house
  114. Woman accidentally shot at store
  115. Angry Iraqi throws shoes at President Bush in Baghdad
  116. Gun Shows Tout Safety after Boy Shoots Himself
  117. All that for an egg beater
  118. (Bad) Happened last night in my neighborhood
  119. Old News - 81 year old granny fixes granddaughter's rapists
  120. Indiana News: Employee Shoots Robber
  121. 1 Dead In Jewelry Store Gun Battle
  122. Man Uses Would-Be Robber's Gun To Defend Himself
  123. Robbers Crash Christmas Party
  124. Gunfire exchanged during attempted mugging at Fashion Square Mall
  125. 91-year-old man saves wife from gunman
  126. Two men posing as police officers allegedly stole gifts on Christmas Eve
  127. Robber Outdrawn by Car Wash Attendant
  128. Greedy Chinese Business Executives Face Death Penalty
  129. BG shot 22 times, still manages to shoot cop 4 times
  130. Man Paints His Way to Jail
  131. Student Shot by Police
  132. Somebody Needs an Attitude Adjustment
  133. Man Shoots & Kills Rober Inside Store - Ocoee
  134. Home Invasion Survivor Video
  135. LCdr Roy Boehm 1924 - Dec 30, 2008
  136. Residents chase two home invaders off with gun
  137. Victim shoots and kills robbery suspect
  138. Stupid is as Stupid Does
  139. Mike Thomas Commentary on Crime-fighting
  140. Ok, who's the one???
  141. Man vs Home Invader
  142. You think its bad now...just wait
  143. Man shoots toilet, injured by shrapnel
  144. WKMG News Channel 6 Report
  145. Pastor attacked at Henrico church
  146. Victim Shoots, Kills Would-be Robber Outside East Atlanta Bar
  147. Obama Driving Surge in Gun Sales, Firearms Groups Say
  148. PBSO investigating deputy-involved shooting
  149. Gun Sales Increase Amid Violent Crime
  150. Actor injured when gun fires during rehearsal
  151. 3 Day Waiting Period on Bows and Arrows??
  152. Homeschooling and guns in the house
  153. ...yet, we're "safer" unarmed...
  154. Antis are gonna have a field day...
  155. New bill submitted to US Congress - H.R. 17
  156. Obama Snubs Nation's Heroes Skips Ball Honoring Medal of Honor Recipients
  157. Concealed carry law may carry consequences
  158. Good Job Rep. Stearns
  159. Never Give Up The Fight!!!
  160. 911 Call w/ Suspected Intruder Being Shot
  161. Family blames police
  162. Fired worker's suit tests Florida's concealed-gun law
  163. Store owner 2, Bad Guys 0
  164. actual craigslist post
  165. South Florida shooters
  166. Cops, Glocks, and poetry
  167. Man arrested in Craigslist armed robbery spree
  168. Road Rage ends in shooting incident
  169. Orlando Sentinel: assault weapons ban is long overdue
  170. Miami Herald: Time to get war weapons off the streets
  171. Oldie but a Goodie: LaPierre CNN Smackdown
  172. Man shoots his own foot
  173. Where Does It End?
  174. Guns to Be Banned for Elderly
  175. Corzine signs harsher gun law
  176. 1 GG vs 5 BG's
  177. New Senate Bill for Gun Registry?
  178. If ever there is a reason to carry
  179. Teacher placed on leave for questionable Facebook posting
  180. Caught on Tape: home invasion leads to shootout
  181. Guns U.S. sent to Aghanistan are missing.....
  182. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo
  183. Gun article in Orlando Sentinel
  184. What NOT to do if you carry a handgun ....
  185. One dead after shooting
  186. pro gun article
  187. Miami-Dade County Commission passes two items for tighter gun control
  188. Wyoming Changing Reciprocity Laws
  189. Florida Hires 61 to Process Backlog of 95,000 Hidden Handgun Permits (Merged)
  190. Glen Beck's Warning
  191. Guardsmen to conduct urban training ....
  192. Guess which ones carry guns
  193. AWB from Obama, no real surprise
  194. Article in the FL Times-Union (Jax)
  195. Walmart Shooting
  196. More Floridians apply for permits to carry guns
  197. Louisiana: Bill would allow concealed guns on college campuses
  198. Wal-Mart Shooting Leaves at Least 1 Man Injured
  199. Another Wal-Mart Shooting
  200. Rasmussen Poll
  201. Shooting in Jax
  202. Palm City motorcyclist yells 'I'm a cop', flashes gun in traffic
  203. Pastor shot at Maryville, Illinois church dies
  204. Holdup turns into fatal accident
  205. A Veteran Removes Illegal American Flag
  206. Are we crazy
  207. Email I sent to the British Consulate.
  208. Darwinism
  209. Gunman Opens Fire on German School
  210. 10 shot, killed in south Ala. towns; shooter dead
  211. Man In Love Triangle Arrested After Shooting
  212. Man Shot In Attempted Carjacking
  213. House Executive Committee approves bills attacking the Second Amendment
  214. Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insurance
  215. Deadly Shooting May Have Stemmed From Robbery
  216. Restaurant Worker Shot, Killed During Robbery
  217. Cape Coral man injured after hitting bullets with hammer
  218. OSU - Home Invasions - 2 in the same night
  219. Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns
  220. New police device detects weapons
  221. Off-duty Palm Beach County deputy kills would-be robber
  222. Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban
  223. Another reason to carry in your vehicle
  224. +1 for the good guys
  225. Pro-gun Democrats oppose new assault weapon ban
  226. choice of carry cal.
  227. Deputies: Caregiver Goes Drinking, Leaves Tot Home Alone
  228. Orlando Sentinel Newspaper Poll
  229. Teen burglar shot dead
  230. Related story to teen shot dead
  231. Dang...picked the wrong "victim" again...
  232. Houston Self Defense Shooting CCW
  233. Boca Raton: Man robbed at red light
  234. Dumb Criminals with Guns ...
  235. Miami CCW foils robbery, gets shot
  236. Man Aims At Deputy, Gets Shot
  237. Police search for Melbourne Wal-Mart robber
  238. Another Home Invasion...
  239. The Govts. claim 90% of guns come from US = FALSE
  240. NY shooting
  241. Detroit high school worker tackles teen with shotgun
  242. Pittsburgh Shooting
  243. Senior Causes Problem
  244. Two Dead at ShootStraight-Casselberry
  245. Suspect In St. Pete Girl's Death Says He Wasn't Shooter
  246. Marcus Luttrell
  247. Miami Mayor Calls For Stricter Gun Control
  248. Nancy Pelosi wants YOU to register YOUR guns.
  249. ABC 20/20 "Guns in America" show 4/10
  250. Family Sues San Francisco Saying Sanctuary Law to Blame for Murder of Father, Two Son