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: Legislative Initiatives

  1. Campus Carry bill filed in Florida House
  2. Sen. Bradley filed the Burden of Proof bill this morning
  3. Omnibus Carry Bill Filed in FL Senate
  4. First anti bill filed in FL Senate
  5. House and Senate email list
  6. Reply from Senator Steube on Omnibus SB140
  7. SB 254: Assault Weapons Ban
  8. Repeal of non-sterile passenger terminal carry
  9. Hearing Protection Act filed in House and Senate
  10. FL Senate to take up "Stand Your Ground"
  11. Six Obama Gun Control Measures Trump Could Rescind
  12. Senator plans to break up major gun bill
  13. Gutmacher on SB 140
  14. Liabilities for businesses banning carry
  15. Multiple Carry Bills Filed
  16. Two Open Carry bills filed
  17. Sb 908...repeal all!
  18. Marion Hammer on SB-245
  19. New Bill requiring Psych Eval for CC
  20. Easy Link to contact Legislators to Support the Suppressor Bill
  21. I guess Massachusetts was afraid Connecticut was outpacing them in the anti 2nd arena
  22. Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill in US Senate
  23. SB-616 and SB-646 coming up this Tuesday
  24. Fire Mission
  25. HB 779 and 849
  26. List of House & Senate committees and their members
  27. HBs 245, 779 and 849
  28. Stand your ground burden of proof
  29. SB 646-Protection of Licensees...
  30. Miami lawmaker's leadership and 'gun-bill fatigue' disarm Legislature
  31. ACTION ALERT: Push your state Senator to vote for Stand Your Ground RIGHT NOW!
  32. An older interview with Scalia
  33. Bloomberg backing ballot initiatives in Florida
  34. Florida "Stand Your Ground" is moving through the legislature!
  35. Sen. Artiles' resignation- any import?
  36. FL Dems have new power with the GOP down 2 Senators
  37. SB-1052 justifiable use of force
  38. NRA on the "3 Big WINS" in the 2017 Session
  39. Adam Putman
  40. Special Election in FL Senate District 40 to replace Frank Artiles (R)
  41. Illinois General Assembly SB 1657
  42. Our own FriDaddy on Arms Room Radio
  43. Please direct me to info about a new gun law regarding children under 18 ...
  44. We can only hope - House Resolution 2620
  45. SB-128
  46. Steube Off and Running
  47. President Negron appoints 2018 Judiciary Committee, today
  48. SHARE ACT passes committee
  49. En banc in Wrenn vs DC denied!
  50. Update on FWC Range in PBCo
  51. Sitting Down and discussing Gun Control with Anti-Gun Group
  52. Florida Senator files a Bump-fire stock ban bill
  53. Maryland asks Supreme Court to Uphold Assault Rifle Ban
  54. NRA supports Gun Ban on All Semi-Autos and MORE! A Slightly Paranoid View
  55. Died in Judiciary
  56. Federal HR-38 vs HR 4477 Call your Congresscritter
  57. Marion Hammer is maaaaaaad at Florida Carry
  58. Adam Putnam on National Right to Carry
  59. NJ Bill - 5 Round Mags
  60. NRA Board of Director candidate endorsements
  61. Any update on carry around churches with schools?
  62. The Bill Sen. Nelson was talking about at the CNN Town Hall
  63. SPB 7026 - Risk Protection Orders
  64. Dems introduce bill banning assault weapons
  65. The REAL "Smoking Gun" in Broward County
  66. A thought about the impending bump stock ban
  67. Senate Bill 7026 Hearing Moved to Saturday at 10AM.
  68. White House email address
  69. SB 7026 passed the House 67 to 50. Headed to Gov. Scott for signature
  70. Legislative town hall meeting coming up!
  71. Scott signed the bill
  72. Legislative initiatives. SB7026 now law.
  73. This is How Gun Confiscation Begins
  74. Do We Need Minute Persons?
  75. Today's question
  76. How quickly can we expect an injunction against enforcement of SB 7026?
  77. SB 7026 - who voted how - with party affiliation
  78. Another idiotic proposal submitted for gun control
  79. Rvrctyrngr
  80. Putting my differences aside....time to join the NRA
  81. Urgent from florida carry
  82. South Florida Firearms Owners Association (SOFFOA)
  83. Money Bomb
  84. And it begins.
  85. Gun Shows @War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale
  86. Court rules second amendment doesn’t protect ar-15, assault rifles and large-capacity
  87. What's the Likelihood?
  88. California Appellate emphasizes legislative stupidity
  89. John Gutmacher/ Bus to Tally
  90. Was HR 1708 passed into law?
  91. Alachua county waiting period and background check law
  92. Moving FLCWFL office out of Department of AG and CS?
  93. NRA statement on bump stock ban:
  94. H.r. 7115
  95. OGAM comming to Florida???
  96. Pro and Anti Gun Bills Florida
  97. Jon Gutmacher's list
  98. Houston shootout shows
  99. Florida Carry Inc.
  100. Bipartisan Background Checks Act Passes the House
  101. These Republicans Voted for Democratic Gun Control Bill (HR 8)
  102. Senate Bill 1122
  103. SB 1532: Local Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition
  104. Florida Senate bill to criminalize children who post images of guns
  105. Good news I hope
  106. NRA supports gun free school zones
  107. NRA takes credit for Brady Bill
  108. The Parkland Parasite
  109. NZ gun ban
  110. FL HD-38 Special Election (Pasco County)
  111. Supreme Court Says No to NYC’s Second Amendment–Avoidance Scheme
  112. DeSantis expands guardian program
  113. FL passes roadblock to proposd “assault weapon” ban petition
  114. HR 218 re-qualification
  115. Disarm Hate Act
  116. Houston Police Chief Against Limited Permitless Carry
  117. Another Democrap pres candidate wants to confiscate ARs
  118. Safe Students Act
  119. 2020 Ballot initiative to ban "Assault Weapons" - progress tracking
  120. 2A advocates warn Trump over support for "red flag" laws
  121. A Change for the Better?!?
  122. Why red flag laws are worse than you think
  123. Red Flag Laws in the Age of Political Psychiatry
  124. Red flag laws are lethal, leftist weapons
  125. Nicole Fried Dept of Agriculture wants changes to CCW
  126. Sneaky plan to subvert the Electoral College
  127. Anti gun bills in the FL Senate so far for 2020
  128. Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Florida
  129. Keep your eye on Virginia
  130. FL Republicans move bill to stop private anonymous sales of firearms
  131. Arms Refresher Course
  132. Hb 311
  133. FL Senate vs House on gun control
  134. Interstate compact with southern states creating a second amendment sanctuary