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Thread: Carry in gun stores

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    Having to go to court can be a real nuisance. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramilian View Post
    There are a couple stores in my area that have signs not allowing CC.
    In this example, as was said before, that's a policy - not a law.
    CC should, if you are doing it right, not exist in the minds of people around you.

    I can put up a sign that says "no fruitcakes allowed" on my storefront.
    Does that make it illegal for a homosexual to come in and do business? No.
    But if I had a sign that said that, why would he want to do business with someone that clearly thinks less of him or her?
    (This is an example so nobody get worked up if I have offended you.)
    The same is true of these "business signs" that make exclusions.

    My Philosophy is this - Concealed Carry does not exist until you have dire need of the weapon. Period.
    Conceal well, and carry on.


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