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    I got a PCR a year ago last July 5th and it's 1 of my 2 EDCs. Though I originally carried CorBon DPX 115gr+P I soon switched to 124gr+P GDHP (so I also practice with 124 grain rounds). I carry it in a Phaetos style 3-slotted holster made by UBG, After 1 FTE in the 2nd mag through it has been flawless in just over 1650 rounds now.

    My only "complaint" would be the DA trigger (not an uncommon problem, so I've read). It smoothed out some after 300 or so rounds but still could be better. I've decided earlier this month to bite the bullet and get a trigger job, but found out my gunsmith has been deployed till January, so it'll have to wait.

    I'm thinking about replacing the CT grips I put on it (yeah, I know) with Marschal Grips, I have some Zebra-wood grips from him on another pistol and he really does good work. However ergonomically speaking, laser or not, the CT grips make the PCR feel more natural in my hand than the stock ones did, something I wouldn't have thought possible. And I've found their rubber overmold construction less likely to stick to my clothes than the rubber grips of the stock PCR, making my draw smoother. So I guess the wooden grips are just an idea for now.

    The PCR conceals well and very comfortably on me and I have complete confidence it'll go bang if/when needed. I would recommend it should anyone ask.
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