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Thread: Touring Russia

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    Touring Russia

    Da-yum!! And I thought Florida drivers were crazy!!

    ( Anybody who has driven on US-19 or Dale Mabry Highway will know what I am talking about! )

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    Brings to mind some questions:
    Does every car in Russia have a dash cam, or is the maker of this video a magnet?
    How the hell do people walk away from these things?
    Do they teach driver's ed, or walker's ed, there? Do they know what driver's ed is?

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    Unbelievable! The moral...don't be Russian while you are driving!
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    I am amazed the person walks away from the crash that starts at 3:43!!!!
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    Was wondering the same thing Xbonz

    - - - Updated - - -

    Guess I need to mount a dash cam in my truck now
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    It reminds me of driving up busch blvd at night. Everyone thinks its a good idea to jay walk.

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