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Thread: Florida Sources for purchasing Automatic Knives

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    Smile Florida Sources for purchasing Automatic Knives

    I'm looking for knife outlets/retailers that sell automatic knives in Florida. I know they are available at gun shows, but the prices are always jacked up. I'm particulary interested in Internet sources that are in Florida. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Knives R Us based in Jax. Great selection and good pricing.
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    Man, when i saw the prices of some of those knives i about fell out of my chair!!!!!!
    I guess i am just used to those $10 OTF POS knives you buy in juarez
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    I own the following auto folders:

    The links above take you to on-line vendors who sell a variety of auto folders. I prefer lockback folders like the Spyderco Endura's and have developed an opening technique that's faster than any auto for "coming to point" from clipped to the pocket.

    Auto's are fun, but when it's really going to be potentially used for serious business, straights or solid lockbacks like the Chinook are the preference.

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    The big flea market near me has a semi-permanent cutlery shop inside that sells automatic knives of various makes.


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