NRA-ILA 32 gun sweepsteaks
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Thread: NRA-ILA 32 gun sweepsteaks

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    NRA-ILA 32 gun sweepsteaks

    Got this in the mail today. Pretty amazing, you get to pick from a list which ones you want to win. Grand prize is 32 guns - a lot of good makes and models of pistols, shotguns, rifles all on the list. But it's the old Publishers Clearing House/Readers Digest format where you put those goofy stickers on the entry form. I haven't seen those in 20 years. That made it seem cheesy and scam-like, but I entered anyway, no donations necessary.

    Browning Hi-Power, Taurus Judge, numerous 1911s, Colt single action Army revo in .44 magnum, Benelli Montefeltro 12GA., Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum... I'll need a big gun safe for all these!

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    Got a lot of stuff from NRA lately. . . . mostly political endorsements and requests for financial support for one candidate, or another.

    But no sweepstakes entries!!

    I must be on their wrong list!!
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