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    Free Concealed Carry Guide

    I got this link out of on of my gun friendly magazines i receive in the mail so i thought id pass it along. Its a nice little guide some of it is common sense some of it is not. Wouldnt hurt to atleast once over it.

    Fixed link, sorry for the confusion.
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    Ah, that would be the one that comes in a plain white wrapper.
    Good magizine, good organization, decent carry guide. Thanks for posting.
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    This link takes me to the completed process. It says, "Perfect, just sent your Concealed Carry Guide..." Do you have another link that would take me to the start of the process? Thanks!

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    YUp got the same message twice

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    Years ago I asked an old man why he carried concealed when I knew he had no license... He said "I'd rather be caught WITH a gun than WITHOUT

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    Sorry thats the start of the page.


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