Concealed License... How many can I carry legally?
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Thread: Concealed License... How many can I carry legally?

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    Concealed License... How many can I carry legally?

    I did a quick search and perused through some of the laws. A few of them state firearm as in singular, some show it as plural.

    So in the state of florida, how many guns can i legally carry on me concealed. Not going for a crazy number, just 2.


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    As many as you can conceal. There is no set number. Two, is fine there are some folks here that carry 2 plus knives. I also remenber a post by Mr. Buckley a few month ago where he showed us his carry ring of 2 pretty 1911's in a shoulder rig

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    There is no legal maximum.

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    I carry 2 sometimes and 2 knives totally normal , no problem it's the gunshine state
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    I dunno, how many can you carry.

    Fortunately, Florida leaves that answer up to us to decide for ourselves.

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    No limit as long as they don't pull down your pants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee View Post
    No limit as long as they don't pull down your pants.
    So thats where all this pants on the ground crap came from! Maybe those guys with there pants below their arses have too many concealed firearms, hmmm.....
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    I usually carry 1 plus a knife. I enjoy carrying 2 plus a knife when I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl 007 View Post
    no problem it's the gunshine state
    How do you figure? Florida does not allow you to expose your gun(s) to the sun.
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